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Wednesday 26 October 2016


Sri Dwaram Music Academy is initiated with an aim of promoting young talent to pursue their interest and skills in the field of Carnatic Music.

It is to support the budding artistes and work as a launch pad for their performances. The academy will also organize Workshops & Seminars at both National and International level and create an opportunity to one and all to interact with the world of scholars and gain confidence by presenting papers on their own.
The superior level of performance Carnatic Music on dais can only be attained by listening to the erudite concerts of many great artists and in turn  imbibing those traditional values in their respective practice sessions hence, such opportunities are provided to the students.
Learning is a continuous process. In order to make it more purposeful, students are systematically taught the given syllabus and appear for a set of approved examinations in the field of classical music to equip themselves with required credentials. (List of successful students can be seen).
The students are encouraged to take up Lecture - Demonstrations with topics of inquisitive nature and worthy of presentation.
The SDMA intends to support students( ( economically backwards) pursuing their career in the field of music with presentation of Gold medal, Cash prize and Books for their over all best achievements in Music.

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